What Are Denver’s Best Locations For a Romantic Picnic Date?

A picnic is a great date night idea for Denver because it’s easy to be romantic in this fine state all year long. Just bring extra blankets for the winter, and sunscreen all year long. What are the best romantic picnic ideas for Denver? We give you our top 5 choices.

1. Red Rocks
On your way out to Red Rocks pick up some cheese, crackers, grapes, and yummy meats. Or get pizza… Whatever makes you happy. Just be sure to bring some cushions to sit on, some vino, and some wine glasses. Go mid afternoon when their isn’t a concert, and this picnic will be hard to beat for years to come. More info >

2. City Park
On a clear Denver evening you can see downtown Denver and the foothills in the distance. Just sit on the right above Ferril Lake on the small hill that rolls down from Nature and Science Museum. Which view is better…Your date or the skyline? It’s your date. silly! More info >


3. Denver Botanical Gardens
Catch the gardens at dusk and enjoy smaller crowds and that majestic Spring and Summer light. You can’t bring alcohol into the gardens, but you’ll get drunk off love. Yup, I went there. More info >



4. Evergreen Lake
A short 25 minute drive outside of Denver, but worth it for the lush green trees and setting. Snag a picnic table by the water and enjoy watching the reflection of the sun setting over the water. More info >



5. Civic Center
Hear me out…I once had a first date kiss in here, and it was one of the most romantic events ever! With the court house on one side, the Capital on the other, and the city all around you…It feels like you are all alone amid the hustle and bustle. Picnic for lunch or at dusk. More Info >


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