What Are The 7 Best Romantic Date Spots in Denver?

The trick to being romantic on a date in Denver is doing something different. Try to pick something that is different from what you normally do on date night and perhaps even something you have never done on your own. Having new experiences with your partner is super hawt.

Here are some romantic hot spot date ideas in Denver:

1. Denver Botanical Gardens
We really can’t get enough of DBG. Surprise your partner by having a prepared picnic and heading into the gardens. You can’t bring in alcohol, but you can get a buzz off the romance. Sorry, couldn’t help myself. More info >



2. Little Man Ice Cream
Everything is romantic about this place. The line for ice cream, the young servers, the crowds as you walk through LoHi. Walk up to LoHi from downtown and hold hands and swap licks (of ice cream, silly) as you walk back. More info >



3. The Dirty Cookie
Have fresh cookies, milk, and ice cream delivered to you at the park at dusk. Seriously, it exists, and yes, they literally bring you warm cookies…Except you will have the munchies for love v. what we think is their usual customer. More info >



4. Commons Park
Speaking of parks, Skyline park is the perfect romantic spot to watch the sunset over the skyline. Plus, the fake rolling hills and “rushing” platte river create a sensual backdrop for romance.  More info >



5. The Rooftop at The MCA
It’s only a few stories high, but there is something about this rooftop that is just so magical. Perhaps it is the quirky vibe, or feeling inferior to all the other big city buildings, or perhaps it is the cool hipsters. Regardless, the rooftop has a bar and modern sculptures, and you can sit on the ledge and look beautiful/handsome as the setting sun lights you up with a romantic glow. Damn, I did it again! More info >


6. A Sunset Picnic at Red Rocks
Seriously? It will be hard to beat this idea for a while…So beware. Bring some blankets and some cushions for your tushies. Pack up a picnic, make sure there isn’t a show that night, and make your own romantic show as the sun sets. Open until 7:00pm, so head up there around 5:30 so you’re not rushed.  More info >


7. Rent a Fire Pit at Forest Room 5
Bring some coats for the cool Denver evening and reserve a fire pit outside. It’s crafty and hipster-y, but it’s inner-city romance at its finest. Order the Truffle Fries…Truffle oil is an aphrodisiac  Mix that with a fire pit, and my God, you’ll stay warm alllllllllll night. More Info >



Hahaha, ended it in style, didn’t I?

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